Our Philosophy

Pursuing the Establishment of Long-term Value

As a product company with a core focus on R&D:

Instead of selling OEM products, we develop unique features to provide maximum value.

Instead of striving for a complete product line, we are committed to making each item a world leader.

Instead of offering large luxury products, we believe that convenient and simple designs are more suitable for modern life.

Instead of hiring big-name celebrities at high costs, we prefer to have our customers recommend our products.

Instead of focusing on one-time sales, we pay more attention to long-term service experiences.

Instead of mere differentiated designs, we aim to develop original features that customers love.

Bringing Massage Back to the Pure Experience of "As You Wish"

Our brand name derives from the origin of the English word "massage" - "massa." It all began when our founder, after observing the long-term bedridden challenges faced by an elderly family member, decided to develop an affordable, lightweight, easy-to-use, and highly customizable massage device. This allows you to effectively relax and rejuvenate at any time, anywhere, and enjoy warm moments with your family!

It's Time to Redesign the Controller

We reconsidered product design from the perspective of the "massage experience" and found that during massages with a professional, people tend to feel and ask for adjustments with their eyes closed, saying "a little higher," "a bit stronger," or "to the right." Based on this core experience, we decided to redesign the controller, eliminating the traditional, complex, and user-unfriendly buttons and menus.

  • With a joystick, you can instantly adjust the massage position.
  • Circular buttons make it easy to switch intensity and techniques.
  • Targeted design allows for focused attention on key areas.
  • Heating function provides warm, soothing comfort for your body and mind.

The four distinct areas of design have a clear tactile difference, so you can immediately identify each function as soon as you grip the controller. This means no more distraction from control, allowing you to fully enjoy your shows, surf the web, or simply relax.

Solving the Problem of "Missing the Spot"

In general, over 60% of massage chairs are used for only three months before becoming clothes racks. Surveys shows that most users feel their massage chairs don't "hit the right spot" where they want.

It's often due to the conventional fixed-route design cannot make real-time adjustments according to your body shape

To solve this problem, masa introduced joystick-controlled "Free-Route" design, allowing for real-time adjustments of the massage position, achieving the freedom and precision of effective relaxation.

Convenient and Practical Products that Truly Integrate into Your Life

The product should serve you, not the other way around.

Compared to the luxurious, extravagant traditional massage chairs with various peripheral functions like aromatherapy, sound systems, and fatigue detection, masa adheres to the "less is more" concept. We focus on perfecting the massage function and aim for a convenient, practical, and burden-free lifestyle experience.

To achieve this, we have integrated the advanced Free Path system into a thin, space-saving "massage cushion," fully embracing the design philosophy of "freedom," truly achieving:

  1. Usable anywhere (e.g., living room, bedroom, office chair...)
  2. Usable by the whole family (accurately targeting points for various body shapes)
  3. Flexible use (sitting, lying down, flat for calf massage...)

Confidence in Our Products, Giving You Peace of Mind in Your Purchase!

The industry's longest 30-day trial period, ensuring no regrets.

As a new brand, how can we make more people feel confident in taking the first step to try masa's products?

If we have full confidence in our products and believe they can provide a delicate experience unmatched by others, we should translate this confidence into our services to show our sincerity.

Therefore, masa offers a 30-day trial period, giving you ample opportunity to experience every detail of our products and services. Whether for personal use or as a gift, you won’t have to worry about any regrets!