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• Free-Route design, instant adjustment of position
• Patent joystick controller, intuitive and precise
• Compact design, suitable for all chairs
• Automotive grade IC, shiatsu massage like a master
• Mobile APP with 10+ special design modes
• 30 days return guarantee, no need for hesitation

Precision is key for comfort!

In masa, we are determined to develop the most accurate back massager for the most enjoyment and relax you can ever imagine.

Massage wherever you want

Patent free-route design with joystick controller, provides you instant adjustment of the massage position. A user friendly design with amazing precision!

All these are packed into a compact back massager, giving you the complete freedom to use wherever you want!

360 Degree Instant Adjustment

Patent design joystick controller provides complete capability to adjust massager head in any direction, no matter move upward, downward, wider or go narrow.

It is the first time controlling massager can be so easy, fun and precise!

mm Scale Control Accuracy

The massager is design with medical grade precision control and positioning system

Its movement can be so tiny that even an ant won't notice!

Effortless Compact Design

Does a powerful machine has to be heavy and bulky? We don't think so.

A compact and lightweight design that can be used anywhere from sofa, office chair to your bed. A powerful yet flexible is the ultimate answer to the question.

Premium Tech all in one

A highly intuitive controller

A fully customizable mode

More than 10 specially design modes

Without masa, you would have to spend a fortune for a premium massage chair. Now you can get it all at once!

Reinforced Massage Core

A newly designed massage core with automotive grade motor controller and glass fiber reinforced polymer, offering unparallelly reliability and strength.

Featuring 5 levels of force adjustment, ranging from light touch to deep soul shiatsu massage, a true relief that you have never experienced.

Enjoy in the most relax way

Based on the strongest massage core design, we are proud to be one of the very few back massagers in the market that you can lie on, enjoy deep massage everyday before sleep.

Everything feels better with some heat

A well-designed 42 degree C heating head just improves your blood flow wherever it goes. A slow, warm and firm massage is almost the perfect recipe for happiness.

4 Major Massage Techniques

Technique 1: Rotation

  • Full width large area of slow rotation, great for lower back and neck massage

Technique 2: Slow Vertical Push

  • A gentle push with precise width adjustment that unlock your muscle knot, truly refreshing

Technique 3: Deep Shiatsu

  • The most focus and flexible technique to use, instant relief of your muscle pain

Technique 4: Spine Pinching

  • Relaxing muscles around your spine, suitable for long hour sitting or after work-out

Multiple Invention and Design Patents

Complete protection of our very design and innovations. A solid proof for how much we are determined to invest to give you the best product in the market.

30 Days Return Guarantee

We understand the concerns you may face when doing online-shopping, therefore we wish this 30 days return and refund guarantee can make sure you receive the best product and service you can possibly have.

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